• The VOD page for the 2024-01-28 stream 20240128-120256 – 2046511905 – F1NN5TER – 💸Giving my mod my credit card for 1 hour💸 NEWS 🚨 !socials has been added.
  • The Twitch Chat Log (TCL) has been updated to include Twitch Chat Logs up to the 2024-01-20 stream
  • The VOD page for the 2024-01-20 stream 20240120-130242 – 2038636195 – F1NN5TER – ✨WE GOT A PUPPY!!✨This is the best day🐶 has been added and Blusau screen shots are availble.
  • Work is still being done (albeit slowly) on the Photo Album pages and the links to certain album pages have been disabled while the galleries are replaced with galleries that use the new photo gallery plug-in software. Some pages have been removed entirely to reflect that that content is no longer being provided. Specific changes/updates include:
    • Disnick galleries from 2021-03-12 through 2022-09-01 have been replaced with galleries using the new photo gallery plug-in. There are 30+ galleries older than 2021-03-12 and/or galleries with unsorted content that are being back-filled and re-linked as time allows.
    • Disnick galleries appearing on VOD pages 2021-12-12 and newer have been updated to reflect the new photo gallery plug-in. Disnick galleries on VOD pages for older streams still use the older photo gallery plug-in and will be replaced as part of the on-going gallery work.